I had a wonderful experience working with Frances. Her deep understanding of our organization's staffing needs was invaluable. She took the time to comprehend our requirements and brought forward candidates who perfectly fit our criteria. I highly appreciate their dedication and expertise in finding the right talent for our team. Great job!
Jiun Yong
R&D Manager
Simon understands the urgency of recruitment and does an outstanding job at fulfilling the requirements given. Simon has constantly been careful in the customer-client relationship and shows deep attention, respect, and understanding for the requirements I provide. Working with Simon has been a great experience because his actions show that I am a valued customer. I look forward to continuing collaborating with Simon.
Jaime Rodriguez
Head of Technology
I had a wonderful experience working with Frances. Her deep understanding of our organization's staffing needs was invaluable. She took the time to comprehend our requirements and brought forward candidates who perfectly fit our criteria. I highly appreciate their dedication and expertise in finding the right talent for our team. Great job!
Henry Gong
General Manager
Great working with RunTime to fill a hard to source position. Recommended.
Greg Smenda
Director of Engineering
It’s rare that you come across standout professional like Lance. I had the pleasure of working with Lance to find my dream job with Runtime recruitment. He at some point was able to secure me multiple offers in the same week, it was outstanding performance. Very honest, sincere , friendly and a very easy going. I definitely recommend Lance for anyone seeking a fulfilling great career.
Jiun Yong
R&D Manager
Simon is a vert supportive and efficient person. He helped my to find my first job in Australia within a short time. He gave me a lot of useful suggestions when I was applying for the job. He always followed up and responded promptly during the whole process. English is not my mother language, so he would message me the key information in case of any misunderstanding, very considerate! I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a job.
Yang C.
Electronics Engineer
Peter has been instrumental in helping me secure my next role well aligned with my career inspirations. He has been very friendly and extremely helpful in finding the best opportunities on the job market. After thoroughly analysing my skills and finding a perfect match, Peter helped me through the entire application process, always keeping me in the loop and promptly responding to endless queries. I can highly recommend Peter and his colleagues at RunTime Engineering Recruitment agency when time comes to take your career to the next level.
Andrej Sidorov
Senior Embedded Engineer
RunTime is an exemplary organization that has fostered recruiters like Aldwin, who excel in creating genuine personal connections with candidates. This unique approach ensures that candidates feel at home throughout the recruitment process, making it a seamless and comfortable experience. Their commitment to not just placing candidates in roles but also in ensuring their ease and confidence is commendable, and it truly sets RunTime apart as a recruitment agency that goes the extra mile to make the job-seeking journey as smooth as possible.
Musharraf Uwais
Electronics Engineer
Frances has been a great help in securing my new position with Selectronic. She was extremely patient and thoughtful throughout the recruitment process, offering great advice on the positions offered. She couldn't have been more helpful, always keeping me up to date with the process.
Timothy Bell
Mechanical Engineer
A couple of months ago, I received one of the best phone calls I have ever received. It was from Lance Harvie. He talked about a job posting which was suitable for me. From the start to the successful appointment, he and his team of RunTime were absolutely professionals and supportive. I completely recommend the company to recruit Engineers.
Luz Adriana Gonzalez
Firmware Engineer
To put simply, Lance is by far the best recruitment agent I have had the pleasure of connecting with. It’s impossible to describe the amount of work he puts into each applicant, and the advice/feedback he gives throughout the entire process is but one of the many things that place him far above your typical recruiter. I look forward to our interactions in the future!
Anton Ivanovsky
Electronics Engineer
Lance pointed me in the right direction when I was desperately looking for a career advise. He is very knowledgeable in Embedded job market here in Australia. Most importantly he is always willing to offer advise and help.I am sure many young people can benefit from his vast experience.
Bharathwajan Parthasarathy
Verification Engineer
Lance was able to instantly provide an option that was well suited. Great communication and organisation with exceptional technical knowledge. I would recommend Lance to anyone looking for a new position.
Michael Howes
Electrical Engineer
Lance was fantastic. I was finishing university and struggling to find a job through the avalanche of graduate programs. He found me a position within two weeks of my first speaking with him. Highly recommended.
Jordan Boekel
Software Engineer
Lance helped find an interesting job and guided through the process really great. Thank you, Lance.
Iaroslav Dochien
Senior Software Engineer
Very professional and holistic. I felt supported through the whole recruitment process. I'd definitely work with Lance again.
Anthony Evans
Senior Automation Engineer
Lance was a great help in finding a new employment position. I especially appreciated the interview preparation advice he was able to give emanating from his experience in the industry. Lance's interest and knowledge in technology is a quality that allows him to understand what his clients are looking for and to match that with suitable candidates.
Leon Ree
Software Engineer
Lance is not stereo-type recruiter. He has been in electronic industry for a good run and in his recruitment role, this load of experience, enables him to connect to candidates/clients and understand the requirements, background, strength points and even feelings and struggles of both side of the story. I have been in contact with him for a while and I certainly find him a caring, respectable and resourceful person. I would be very happy to recommend him to my peers.
Shahab Diba
Senior Embedded Software Engineer
Lance is highly professional and very friendly at each step of the recruitment process. He recruited me for a specialist role and I would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking a position or talented employees.
David Ryan
Senior Computer Vision Engineer
Lance is a professional recruiter with technical background and experience in Embedded Software and also very friendly and supportive person. He helped me to find a right job and progress with my career as Software Engineer. I would highly recommend Lance to engineers looking for job opportunities in Australia.
Piotr Bajor
Software Engineer
Very knowledgeable in his recruitment areas. Very professional approach. I can strongly recommend Lance.
Sarel Breet
Technical Design Engineer
Lance is very supportive and helpful person. His prompt and quick reply helps me a lot to make correct decisions. I am pleased to recommend people to Lance's care.
Yatrik Shah
Senior Electronics Engineer
Lance did a wonderful job helping me through the process of finding my current role. Unlike many other recruiters I've communicated with he had a strong understanding of the Embedded development field and was a fantastic advocate both for myself and for the employers he was recruiting for. At all times he was a friendly voice on the phone and kept me well updated at all times. I won't hesitate to use his services again in the future and will recommend him to any embedded developer who wants help finding these specialist roles.
James Churchill
Senior Software Engineer
Lance was very helpful in getting me a position recently. I had already been offered a position at the company directly, which I declined due to personal reasons. Lance and I had a detailed discussion about my needs and asked if he could go back and talk to them. With his help I was able to get the right job with conditions that will work for me long term. He is highly skilled at bringing prospective employers and employees together to achieve the best result for both. I would recommend him for both employers and employees.
Greg Smart
Principal FPGA Engineer
It's my great honor to know Lance, other than normal recruiter, he has many years engineering background which enables him to find the right position matching your background quickly, and the smooth interaction with employer makes a pleasant result highly possible.
Lei (Leigh) Zhou
Senior Systems Engineer
Lance is a professional recruiter and kind person. He provided me critical information while I was trying to find an electronic engineer job. Lance always promptly let me know the latest feedback from the employer which made me feel great. It is My pleasure to recommend Lance to all candidates.
Luke LU
Senior FPGA Engineer
I landed in Australia in June 2019 with the aspiration to join an Australian company working with in the Embedded Software space. One of my close friend in Australia connected me to Lance Harvie and I'm so glad that he did. It was Lance who scheduled the very first Interview for me. He was very professional and provided guidance all along the way as I was new to the Australian Job market.The scope of many recruiters I interfaced restricted their responsibility to just setup an interview with their clients. However things are different with Lance. He would not only schedule the interview but would call you and share some useful tips to attend the same. He will call you after the interview for a feed back and also provide regular updates. This really inspires and encourages a job seeker (like myself back then).Although I joined another company eventually, but I would strongly recommend Lance to anyone who is looking for job opportunity in Australia. He will surely make your journey a memorable one. Thank you for you help Lance and I wish you the best for your future endeavours!
Anirban Bose
Senior Firmware Engineer
To describe Lance it takes only a few words. Extremely professional, very approachable and carries the process till the end. As a recruiter, Lance has this exceptional quality to keep the candidate comfortable while dealing with the frustrating ups and downs of selection process. I experienced his exceptional ability when he was dealing with my recruitment process. He never adopted the frustrating "dead silence" approach in between the interview rounds to let candidate know what was going on. I have high regards for Lance and his way of getting things done when it comes to job placements. I recommend Lance to every one who is looking for an appropriate career in IT.
V Laxminarayan
Development Team Lead
Lance is a highly accomplished and professional technical recruiter who I would highly recommend to anyone seeking jobs in related areas.I had the pleasure of working with Lance recently through my career transition and found his knowledge, experience and advice in this area to be second to none. Lance shared with me his rich experience on the job market, effectively coached me about how to prepare my job interview, and always give me prompt feedback throughout the process. Lance not only helps candidates on one job application but helps on their career development.I look forward to working with Lance again in the future and maintaining our relationship.
Bin Li
Software Engineer


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