Learn About Your Company

Our initial interaction with you will be to uncover your culture, people, products, processes and the problems you are trying to solve. With this in mind, we can endorse engineers who meet most of your expectations and give you a good candidate flow throughout the recruitment process

Understand Your Job Specifications

Our recruiters have hands-on engineering experience having worked in Embedded Systems and Systems Development. You’ll never have to explain your job specification to us twice.

Respect Your Process

All companies have some process or system when recruiting staff. Our aim is to blend in with your processes and respect your protocols and channels of communications.

Save You Time

From understanding your job specifications and your business through to effectively shortlisting candidates, we tailor our service to minimise the strain on your working day.

Provide Accurate And Timely Information

To make it easier for hiring managers we provide a detailed summary of each candidate’s skills and experience matched to open positions. We also administer technical tests on behalf of candidates when required.

Communicate With Purpose

We understand you’re busy running your projects and don’t need more unnecessary chatter. To ease excessive communication, we slot into your workflow using whatever method you prefer be that chat, email, social media, SMS or the phone.

Uphold Confidentiality

Guarding your company’s Intellectual Property is more important today than ever before.

Remain Flexible

We are committed to the needs of our clients and will do our best to accommodate them to ensure a long-term relationship.

In It For The Long Run

Establishing new relationships takes time and considerable effort so having to do it, again and again, is tedious and wasteful. Although we can never say that our recruiters will not move on, ours is a family-style culture which means our retention rates are very high. To protect against anyone leaving we typically have two recruiters assigned to our clients, one primary contact and the other on standby to maintain continuity.

Constantly Innovate

One of the cornerstones of our success is the constant innovation of our services, internal processes and our technology. We continuously seek out new tools and methods, which help us to deliver higher value to our clients and candidates.


Recruiting Services