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Are you seeking a career with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking brands in the industry? Look no further, we partner with cutting-edge companies to create groundbreaking technology that leverages the latest in electronic design, firmware and software coding, quality assurance, and industrial design. We are passionate about finding the best and brightest talent to join these cool and exciting brands, and we work tirelessly to match candidates with the perfect role for their skills and experience.

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Recruiting the right candidates for your business can be a daunting task. With so many different recruitment agencies and services available, it can be challenging to know where to start. However, one company that stands out above the rest is RunTime.


RunTime is a recruitment agency with a difference. With a team of engineers turned recruiters and researchers, RunTime understands the technical aspects of your job specifications and has the expertise to match you with the most qualified candidates.


What sets RunTime apart is our unique approach to recruitment. Unlike other recruitment agencies that take a one-size-fits-all approach, RunTime tailors their services to meet your specific needs. We take the time to get to know your company culture, team, and the projects you're working on.


This way, we can match you with candidates who not only have the right skills and experience but also fit in with your company's values and ethos.


At RunTime, we understand that job specifications can be wish lists. We work with you to define the essential skills and experience you need while assuring you that we will do our best to get you the most qualified candidates for the job at hand.


Our candidate sourcing strategies are unique, combining content marketing, social networks, job boards, and our very own database of vetted candidates. We move quickly to give you a good flow of qualified candidates for your open positions. With our expert guidance, you can be confident that you're getting the best possible candidates for the job.


At RunTime, we're committed to providing a seamless and stress-free recruitment process. We guarantee an honest and quick response to all candidates and handle interviews with professionalism and speed. We help candidates through salary negotiations as well as pre-interview coaching and resume advice.


Our commitment to accuracy, timely communication, and exceptional service is unmatched. As our client, we respect your internal processes and the involvement of other departments such as HR. We use the latest tools to ensure fast and smooth transactions.


RunTime is more than just a recruitment agency. We pride themselves on our family-style culture, fostering engagement and commitment at all levels of their company. Our staff retention rates are high, meaning you can rely on the same RunTime contact person for years to come. This builds a strong relationship with a team that truly understands your needs.


When you work with RunTime, you're not just hiring a recruitment agency; you're partnering with a team of experts who are invested in your success. We're committed to building long-lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring that you get the best possible candidates for your business.


Finding the right candidate for your business can be a challenging task. However, with RunTime, you don't have to do it alone. We understand the technical aspects of your job specifications and have the expertise to match you with the most qualified candidates.


With our unique approach to recruitment, you can be confident that you're getting the best possible candidates for the job. So, if you're looking for a recruitment agency that truly understands your unique needs, look no further than RunTime.


Send us a quick message and we'll help you find the perfect candidate for your open position.

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Roles We Recruit

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Field Application Engineers

Field Application Engineer provide technical support to customers, helping them integrate complex products into their systems.

Firmware Engineers

Firmware Engineers design and develop low-level software that controls the hardware of electronic devices, from smartphones to autonomous vehicles.

Avionics Engineers

Avionics Engineers design, develop and test electronic systems used in aircraft, including navigation, communication, and flight control systems.

Control Systems Engineers

Control Systems Engineers design, develop and implements automated control systems, such as those used in manufacturing and transportation.

Software Engineers C/C++

C/C++ Software Engineers design and develop software using the C and C++ programming languages, used in systems programming and embedded devices.

Machine Learning Engineers

Machine Learning Engineers designs and develops systems that can learn from data and make predictions, used in fields such as AI and data analysis.

Engineering Managers

Engineering Managers oversees technical projects and teams, manages budgets, allocates resources, and ensures successful project delivery.

FPGA Engineers

FPGA Engineers design, implement, and test custom digital circuits using FPGAs, and collaborate with other engineers to optimize system designs and troubleshoot issues during the process.

Full-Stack Engineers

Full-Stack Engineers are responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining both the front-end and back-end components of web applications, ensuring they function smoothly and efficiently from end to end.


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Drivers: Ethernet, Audio, Video, USB, 802.11x, 802.16x, PCIe, I/O, I2C, SPI

Board Bring up, Board Support Packages (BSP), boot code, HAL and diagnostics

ASIC design/ Verification/ Board-Level Design (Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog, OVM, UVM, Perl, Synopsys)

Board level and systems development

FPGA Design/Verification

Firmware, device drivers and applications

Microprocessor design/verification

Protocol Stack porting and implementation

High Speed Board Design, Orcad, Signal Integrity

CAD, Solidworks, 3D models and 2D drawings(NX)

Board Layout

PCB design from Altium Designer


C, C++, assembly, scripting, microcode development

Analogue and Digital Electronics design

Porting of Operating Systems to new platforms

Computer Vision and image processing

Platforms/SoC’s: ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, Intel, Freescale/Motorola, Network Processors

Deep learning and Neural Networks

Key Figure Highlights

Placed Candidates
123 +
Helped Clients
387 +
Candidate Retention Rate
79 %

How It Works


Heinrich ReimerFull Stack Developer
Read More
Can highly recommend them - got a great engineering job through their help that I really enjoy and probably wouldn’t have got otherwise. Frances, one of the recruiters, was so quick to reply, call back, check in and provide valuable infos and connect me with my future employer, that’s some real dedication to your job! I started my new job in less than 2 weeks after the initial phone call with her, your timeframe may differ, but it’s just to show how keen this agency is to get you onboard. Even now over 8 months later she hasn’t forgotten me but checks in every now and then. I haven’t used the help of engineering recruitment agencies yet but this one certainly left a great first impression on me 👌
Kenneth NgFirmware Engineer
Read More
Simon is very responsive and professional. He has a strong passion for connecting people with jobs that are a good fit for them and takes a personalised approach. Communication with Simon is always a pleasure and he is always proactive.
Luciano BenedettiElectronic Engineer
Read More
RunTime sets itself apart by providing unwavering support throughout the entire recruitment journey. This not only ensures candidates feel at ease but also streamlines what can often be a lengthy process. Jeffrey, in particular, fosters genuine connections and communication, creating a sense of belonging from the start. He invests time in understanding each candidate's strengths, guiding them towards the perfect company fit. With RunTime, you're not just another resume in the pile – you're supported every step of the way. If you're seeking a recruitment experience that prioritizes your comfort and success, look no further. RunTime comes highly recommended.
Sohini MukherjeePurchasing Officer
Read More
I have had the pleasure of working closely with Aldwin from Runtime during one of the recruitment process and I am thrilled to provide this recommendation. His professionalism, dedication, and expertise in this domain is unparallel.What sets him apart is his exceptional ability to understand not only the technical aspects of the position but also the cultural fit. His insightful questions and keen attention to detail helps candidates and companies alike to identify candidates or roles who not only possessed the necessary skills but also shared similar values and vision.
Shahab DibaEngineering Team Leader
Read More
I had a very positive experience with Simon Melano at Runtime finding a new position. He completely understood level of my skills/experience and presented it clearly. He is super communicative and kept me updated in the whole process. Financial negation with new employment also was a breath. I was very happy with the service and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for new opportunity or companies looking for suitable fit for their organization.
Steven LiuSenior Electronics Engineer
Read More
Ruel worked well to match my skills and the job opportunities on the market. He helped to arrange the interview which went very well. I appreciate his help and recommend him as a competent recruiter that you can rely on.
Jiun YongR&D Manager
Read More
I had a wonderful experience working with Frances. Her deep understanding of our organization's staffing needs was invaluable. She took the time to comprehend our requirements and brought forward candidates who perfectly fit our criteria. I highly appreciate their dedication and expertise in finding the right talent for our team. Great job!
Lucas LeEmbedded Systems Engineer
Read More
I had the pleasure of working with RunTime, and I must say, they are a top-notch team. Simon, in particular, stood out with his exceptional skills in understanding candidates' technical backgrounds and matching them with the right opportunities. His dedication and friendliness made the job search process a breeze. I highly recommend RunTime to anyone seeking professional and efficient job placement services. They truly deserve five stars!
Christian DebienSoftware Engineer
Read More
I worked with Simon recently when searching for a new position and he was friendly, professional and enthusiastic. He took time to work out what my strengths were and what I was looking for and only provided me with opportunities that were a good fit. I highly recommend Simon and RunTime's services to anyone.
Greg SmendaDirector of Engineering
Read More
Great working with RunTime to fill a hard to source position. Recommended.
Jian SunSenior Software Developer
Read More
This recruitment agency is quite professional and helped me to get a good job opportunity.
Nick DowningSenior Firmware Engineer
Read More
I would highly recommend RunTime to both employers and candidates. Also, they make a point that their recruiters are also engineers and I have found that they definitely speak my language and are well placed to judge the candidate based on the technical and engineering stories you share.



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