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Industrial Control

Embedded & Systems Engineering Recruitment Specialists

RunTime Recruitment comprises of engineers turned technical recruiters and researchers with backgrounds in Embedded Systems and Electronic Engineering.

For clients, this means you never have to explain your job specification to us twice.

For candidates, we wouldn’t waste your time sending you jobs which don’t match your skills and experience.

We speak your technical lingo and can go deep into discussing your projects as well as your career aspirations.

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Product Design
Industrial Control
Product Design
Industrial Control
RunTime Places The Following Engineers:
  • Software / Firmware Engineers C/C++
  • Embedded Linux Engineers
  • Embedded Systems Engineers
  • Firmware and Low level Embedded SW Engineers
  • Device Driver Developers
  • Security Experts
  • FPGA Engineers
  • FAE Engineers
  • DSP Engineers
  • Wireless Engineers
  • Telecommunications Engineers
  • IOT Engineers
  • Cyber Security Engineers
  • Audio experts in SW & HW
  • High Speed Video/Audio Engineers
  • Test Engineers
  • Protocol Stack Developers
  • DSP, Layer 1, PHY & Algorithms Experts
  • Electronic Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Multicore / Multiprocessor Engineers
  • Board Layout Designers
  • Computer Vision Experts
  • Machine Learning & Big Data Specialists
  • Robotics Experts
  • Industrial Designers
  • CTO’s
  • Engineering Managers
In These Technologies:
  • Drivers: Ethernet, Audio, Video, USB, 802.11x, 802.16x, PCIe, I/O, I2C, SPI
  • Software Test/QA, Build and Release, Systems Administration
  • Open Source
  • Android / Linux
  • ASIC design/Verification/Board-Level Design (Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog, OVM, UVM, Perl, Synopsys)
  • FPGA design/Verification
  • Microprocessor design/verification
  • Emulation (Palladium)
  • High Speed Board Design, Orcad, Signal Integrity
  • Board Layout
  • Web / Mobile / Security
  • C, C++, assembly, Java, scripting, microcode development
  • Operating Systems: Linux, NetBSD, Android, VxWorks, QNX, eCOS, RTEMS, Nucleus, ThreadX, IOS, IOX, Windows, WinMobile, and other small kernels
  • Porting of Operating Systems to new platforms
  • Platforms/SoC’s: ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, Intel, Freescale/Motorola, Network Processors
  • Board Bring up, Board Support Packages (BSP), boot code, HAL and diagnostics
  • Firmware, device drivers and applications
  • Board level and systems development
  • Protocol Stack porting and implementation
  • Kernel, File System development
  • Computer Vision and image processing
  • Deep learning and Neural Networks


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