Xamarin Climbs To MonoTouch 5.2 Release

New testing framework, memory profiler, and rapid UI creation library for iPhone and iPad development

Cross platform mobile application company Xamarin has released the MonoTouch 5.2 development toolkit. Compliant with iOS, Android, and Windows, the new release features a new unit testing framework for “on device” testing, a memory profiler to track managed objects’ memory usage growth, and a new API intended to allow developers to create HIG-compliant iOS forms and dialog boxes.

“Xamarin’s cross-platform development products, MonoTouch and Mono for Android, provide the power of the .NET frameworks that millions of developers already use, along with complete access to all native APIs and UI toolkits for iOS and Android – this allows you to create truly unique native experiences on each operating system,” said Miguel de Icaza, chief technology officer of Xamarin.

The new MonoTouch.Dialog API will show table-based information without having to write dozens of delegates and controllers for the user interface. It includes UITableView support and pull-to-refresh, as well as built-in searching. The MonoTouch memory profiler is further augmented by other new memory features, including a generational garbage collector and improved garbage collection diagnostics.

Note: Object-oriented programming technical consultancy Cunningham and Cunningham defines memory garbage as follows: “GarbageCollection (GC), also known as automatic memory management, is the automatic recycling of heap memory. GarbageCollection is performed by a garbage collector, which recycles memory that it can prove will never be used again. Systems and languages that use GarbageCollection can be described as garbage-collected.”