Why RunTime Recruitment?

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RunTime provides a specialised technical recruitment service however we take an unconventional approach.

Problem Solving

Our approach is technical and consultative.

Lance Havie (CEO) having been an engineer and hiring manager plus a global technical recruiter for many years sees the hiring problem from all sides.

Our mission is to reduce time to hire, improve the quality of resume submissions and generally reduce friction in the hiring process.

Job Spec not required

For example, you don’t need to provide us with a job spec – all we need is a 30 min phone call with you, and we can get to work sourcing the precise candidates for your open job spec(s).

Only receive technically vetted candidates

You will not receive a flood of resumes from us; instead, you will get a small number of technically vetted and culture fit screened candidates.

Because we focus exclusively on embedded systems and software development recruitment, we understand the mindset of engineers so we can quickly assess their suitability for your engineering positions.

Lance personally vets every candidate who is presented to our clients to ensure the highest quality of resume submission.

What this means for you is that you will always receive quality candidates. Of course, we will not get it right every time; however, by working with you over time, we’ll get better and better at providing you with the types of candidates you like.

Proactive support

Also because we’re working with candidates all the time we can be your eyes and ears in the market and proactively bring candidates to your attention even if you are not actively recruiting.

Clients also come to me for salary advice, general recruitment trends and use me as a sounding board on matters related to their expectations of candidate skills in the market.

Job boards are not effective

We rarely use job boards; instead, we leverage our established networks within the engineering community and reach out to passive candidates.

We also use content marketing via technical blog articles, engineering posts on LinkedIn and twitter plus youtube videos to attract engineers.

What this means for you is you’ll get access to hidden candidates who are not active on the job market.

Our engineering Linkedin connections are over 13202 and growing plus I manage 2 Linked groups with a total member count of 11766.

Having this reach allows us to deliver quality vetted candidates to you quickly.

Sample clients

Here’s a short list of some of our active clients:

www.atomos.com (Exclusive)

If we can be of help in any way, please email us at lance@runtimerec.com or reach out on +61 3 9005 2123 and we will be happy to have a chat.

PS: You can check out Lance’s profile here https://www.linkedin.com/in/lanceharvie/

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