Where to start for Linux system programming?


Question by Selvakumar V: Where to start for Linux system programming?
I wanna to learn about systerm programming side in Linux Embedded development? I am new to this field and have some basic knowledge in that. I meant the system programming here as Boot code customization, Kernel customisation …etc.

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Answer by najarmac@yahoo.com
hi friend,
system programming side in Linux Pl see under write this web link.


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Question by trish_blueyes: How to format or wipe a compact flash that is used for an embedded operating system?
I have an ATP 4GB Compact Flash that is used for a computer and not for photos or with a camera.
It is Linux OS and after I format it in Win XP, the files are still there. Is there a program such as Boot and Nuke(which is for IDE drives) that will wipe the compact flash clean??
I’ve also tried to fdisk/format in DOS which does not work either. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Scott
You can try a free utility like CardWiper. It returns the card to factory status; it also has a feature to test the card if you like.

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