Where to start for Linux system programming?

Question by Selvakumar V: Where to start for Linux system programming?
I wanna to learn about systerm programming side in Linux Embedded development? I am new to this field and have some basic knowledge in that. I meant the system programming here as Boot code customization, Kernel customisation …etc.

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Answer by Joshua S
You’ll Have to pick up C and then you can dive in. Just pick a flavor of linux and start going at it. Most offer developer forums that will guide you. I’d caution you though to research your intial questions yourself. Most of these people are very busy and do not tollerate people who haven’t read the manual first RTFM. www.linuxquestions.org would be a great place to get some of your intiation out of the way

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Question by vaibhav p: What i need to do after engineering to get an cutting edge?
i am pursuing my degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering. i am in third year now. i want to ask what more i need to do to b somewhat special in my field. i want to remain in core E&TC and not go for core software. i have interest in programming. Now i am thinking about doing a course of embedded. That includes programming of PIC, PLC and arm processors. will this be beneficial for me in future? So is there a scope for embedded systems? What kind of jobs can i get in embedded field?

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Answer by Mark J
The are many opportunities for embedded software because it is an intersection of multiple fields of specialization. Not every programmer can do well in this field.

Becoming “cutting edge” is a personal decision. Ultimately, you would like to work in an industry that you find interesting. My suggestion is to see who is hiring. Try to arrange for some intern opportunities. Check them out. Keep in touch with people graduating now and getting jobs to learn what you should seek and what you should avoid.

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