What Makes a Great Engineering Manager?


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Good manager = Good Engineering Manager?

8/5/2011 10:16:04 PM

Great comments all.

I think one of the qualities any great manager will have is the ability to maximize the output of all of the individuals who work for him.  This can mean having to adapt to several different motivations, skill sets, and personalities.

With engineers I think there tends to be a certain language that we all speak and I think a great Engineering manager has to understand that.

Re: Team building

sensor pro  
8/5/2011 12:51:10 PM

everyone has good points: I like to add that a good manager should know how to hire people that complement each other with small areas of overlap,. This will allow people to communicate with ease and not spet on each other, but help each other.

Also the manager should analyse his team and know how to deal with each one, based on their individual chanracter.

Great Engineering Manager

8/5/2011 10:56:49 AM

For some reason I tend to believe hard technical skills should be more than just a nice qualification.

Being now retired from a big Global 100 Corporation, I was witness to the value destruction by two of our CEO’s, who were big in soft skills, but lack the heart and feeling of a true innovator to provide impulse to a High Technology company.

To me the principles I like ot look after when doing engineering work, including management, are those I read once Albert Einstein’s named his 3 rules of work:

1) Out of clutter, find simplicity

2) From discord, seek harmony

3) In difficulty, lies opportunity

With these principles you can have an excellent Engineering Manager, not only to report to their superiors, but to be the top person of his / her organization.

Good article to think why we love engineering in the first place,