what is Embedded programming?what all courses are available in it?where this courses are available?(institutes

Question by Ashwini T: what is Embedded programming?what all courses are available in it?where this courses are available?(institutes
In which areas these can be used,Is It a job oriented course to be done.which is the best institute to be opt.

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Answer by mike1942f
embedded programming is the code hidden inside devices to make them work where one or more microprocessors are carrying out work that might have been done in hardware in the past. For example, instead of a hardware chip scanning a keyboard and returning the keycode, if a microprocessor controls the scanning then more and different things can be done, like reprogramming the keys and allowing two or more keys to be pressed at the same time, that is imbedded programming.
Almost all devices with keypads and all with displays have microprocessors in them instead of dedicated hardware chips because it is easier and faster to do in the first place and easier to fix problems or to upgrade to more features.
This is the lowest level of programming, although some of it is done in C, and normally requires intimate knowledge of how microprocessors handle registers and other details of interfacing that higher level languages can ignore.
For courses, you want to look at places that emphasize industrial control, control systems, and/or robotics as first clues of content.

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Question by BOSS: What is the famous and useful book for embedded c ?
Hi every one i am a software engineer currently working on J2ME
i have good grip in c,c++,j2EE and J2ME programming .i am very much interested to learn embedded c programming .Can any one suggest a best book for me on embedded c please if possible please send me the link for e-book even?

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Answer by therootlife
I have read Programming Embedded Systems: With C and GNU Development Tools, 2nd Edition, and found it useful. It’s a good place to start. If you already have a pretty good C understanding, and you know hardware rather well you should be able to get going with it pretty easily.

ISBN: 978-0596009830

You can look up the ISBN on Amazon or Half or anywhere, maybe even your local library.

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