What is a better field for a master degree ?

Question by A: What is a better field for a master degree ?
I’m planning on pursuing a master degree in computer science or computer engineering and i can’t decide which subject is better for my career afterwords. Here are some of the fields that i’ve found. If there are any other fields that you recommend please specify and state why. Which do you find better for the overall career ?

1- Artificial Intelligence related
2- Constraints Programming
3-Semantic Web
4- Embedded Systems
6- Software Engineering
7- Algorithms
8- Parallel Computing

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Answer by Rainy
I say, pick whichever interests you more. You’ll be spending 2 years or more on the subject and write a pretty fat thesis, so it has to be something you like. In terms of overall career, they all have pretty good field. However, after you enter the work force, you’ll quickly realized what you learned in school don’t always come hand in hand with what you need to know for work. It’s more important to learn discover the learning process , or learn to add something new to the table (after all that research from your master degree. Overall career really depends on experience. After 5 year out of school, where you went to college and whether you have a bachelors or masters degree won’t matter as much as the experience you have.

So pick what you are interested in!

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