what are all the technical skills to be developed by a fresh instrumentation & control engineer to get hired?

Question by abuse: what are all the technical skills to be developed by a fresh instrumentation & control engineer to get hired?
i have completed , BE in electronics and control department (2009 passed out). pl tell me wat are all the technical skills tat i have to develop or wat r the skills needed in the ICE job market? also tell me how to make my job search more effective as have frustrated by searching Jobs through references!
also jus check whether my resume is effective enough! kindly ans me and support me in ma career growth!
thank you !

To be a part of highly competitive and competent environment and be prudent in every aspect of Job responsibility.

H.S.CSTATE BOARD200568.40%


1Operating Systems :Windows XP
2Languages :Basics of C, C++.
3Interested subjects : Digital logic theory, Microprocessor 8085 and 8086, Embedded systems

1)Process control
2)Control s/m
•Computer controller process
– Programming logic controller
– Distributed control system
•Assembly language programming
•Data transferring and interfacing
4)Embedded Systems
•Programming concepts and embedded programming using c, c++
•Real time operating systems


Project Title : Remote Sensing And Control Of An Irrigation System
•Irrigation system is controlled and remote sensed using distributed control sensor network.
•LAN based control is achieved.
•Continuous monitoring of field conditions has been effected and recorded. The data collected is graphically chalked out for more detailed analysis.

Oct 2008- Feb 2009 Vision Next India Pvt LtdChennai
Operational and Service Executive

Vendor and customer data base management before and after sales process.
Maintenance of customer relations across all functional entities from ordering till fulfillment.
Product support post sales support for all product verticals.
To monitor the appointments of installation engineers and service engineers

I hereby declare that all the details given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place : Chennai
Date :

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Answer by Ralph G
Hi M.Padmavathy, You have a nice resume with all the achievements and project experiences. With regards to your resume, I think its not good to put your passing grade (%) that makes the resume inappropriate to view. About the expertise, everyone needs exposure first before it became skillful. However, Control engineering jobs and engineering works is not easy, it takes couple of weeks or months to have the right one for you. Just keep in mind that you will only develop the skills needed according to your course description. The scope of your work is what you need to enhance. On the other idea, you can also work even not related to your course at first just to have experience and its kind of exciting thing to do. Everyone starts from little to big. : )

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