Welcome to the Embedded Bridge Blog

Welcome to the new Embedded Bridge blog on the newly-redesigned Embedded Gurus website. So why the word, “bridge”? It is not used in the literal sense of bridges that carries human or vehicular traffic. (Although I came across this embedded bridge in Inc Magazine. Roll the mouse over numbers 1 and 4.)

I used “bridge” in the conceptual sense to enable two sides to work together, bridging the gap between the two, and establishing processes, procedures, and protocols between the two. I have written much (book and newsletters) about hardware and firmware (a.k.a. embedded software), both in terms of their respective engineers and in terms of the design of the interface between hardware and firmware. But I also like to discuss bridging the gap between any two other entities, such as management and engineers or the end user and their embedded systems device.

In addition I’ll post other musings in the embedded and engineering space. Until next time …