Tips For Writing Professional Resumes

A human resource person has to go through hundreds of professional resumes every day. In such a scenario, you stand the chance of being called for an interview only if your resume is perfect and attention grabbing.

In this article, we will discuss some tips for resume writing so that your chances of being hired for a suitable job increases manifold.

Keep All the Important Data Handy

Before you start writing your professional resume, you should keep the entire data ready like when you finished your high school, dates and duration of each of your employment, what were your job responsibilities, career achievements, further professional development training and so forth. This will make the task of writing the resume easier.

Decide What Will Go Into Your Resume

Depending upon the job you are applying for, you should decide on the points you will include in your resume. Some of the points that are a must in professional resumes are contact details like phone number, address, e-mail ID, education, and job-experience. You may include other things as well like voluntary work, computer skills, languages known and references, if required.

Write A Good Job Title

Most recruiters just glance through professional resumes while short-listing candidates. Therefore, you should write a title that could easily grab the attention of a recruiter. The title should be descriptive and should briefly tell about the type of job you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a freelance web writing job, your job title could be “experienced freelance copywriter.” You could also include your career goals in the job title, like you could write “Result-oriented aspiring copyeditor.” You should make sure that you include keywords in your job title as many recruiters use sort results options for short-listing professional resumes.

Be Concise

Recruiters are busy and do not have time to read each and every resume word by word. Instead of writing long stories about your achievements, you should aim to give all the important information in a concise manner in your resumes. Also, you should give the information in an orderly manner so that a recruiter does not have to waste time in searching for information.

Give the Most Important Information First

Most recruiters make a judgement about a resume only by reading the first few lines. You should include the vital information at the top. For example, you should outlay your training and qualifications and then list out you employment history so the employer can directly see you’re your background and experience covers. Always put your current or last job at the top. Of course, the recruiter would be more interested in your current job position than your very first job.

Double-Check Your Resume Before Sending It

Your professional resume should be free from spelling and grammar errors. Make sure that all the information is correct. Giving wrong information, even unintentionally, may land you in trouble during an interview.

Resume is an important document that could help you in getting your dream job easily. If you find resume writing difficult, you could take the help of a resume writer. A resume writer not only creates professional resumes, but also writes effective cover letters.