Texas Instruments F28069 Piccolo controlSTICK Unboxing and Review

I’ve recently received a TI F28069 Piccolo controlSTICK evaluation kit after winning a game organized by Mouser and Texas Instruments on Facebook.

I’ll show what’s the content of this C2000 MCU development kit and play around with the development tools provided.

Mouser sent the development tools by Fedex which took 6 days to arrive in Thailand, and the package with the development tools looks like the one below.

TI Piccolo controlSTICK Blinking LED Demo in CCS v4

You should see the screen above with a Debug window, a variable watch window, the source code in C stopped at main and a disassembly windows. Now just click on run (arrow) icon in the Debug View to run the Program and see the red LED blink every second. The timer value can easily be modified to change the blinking frequency. Each time you click on Debug, by default the program will be loaded to flash, so the update will be a little slow. There must be an option to run from RAM by I haven’t found it yet.

This type of development kit is interesting to evaluate the capability of a particular MCU, however what you can do with such device is limited unless you have some external hardware (e.g. sensors. motors) to connect the 32-pin header. Personally, even though it’s kind of fun to use, I see  little use to the GUI demo provided (build with crosshair embedded interface designer) and the most interesting and useful part is to use the sample applications provided with CCS v4 to get started with development. Even just using CCS v4 is interesting since this is a pretty powerful development and debugging tool.