Technical Recruiter’s Rant

For all you jobseekers out there please pay attention!

Having poured over ten’s of thousands of resumes in my time I have a few pointers and gripes for jobseekers.

So here goes:

1 – Read the job ad – No I mean REALLY read the ad! Make sure your skills and experience are 80% matched to the job at hand. I work in technical recruitment so I can only speak for my domain – this may be different for other domains.

2 – Make sure you have the appropriate work visas – Don’t expect a recruiter to offer you sponsorship – that’s not in our power – we’re brokers – only our customers ie the hiring companies can offer sponsorship. They will not do this for candidates who are located in far away places – it’s just too hard!

3 – Make sure you can be available for face to face interviews – If you’re located in Europe and can fly in for interviews that’s fine but this will not work if you live in India or South America! Be realistic! No client is going to fly you in from such far away places.

4 – Customise your resume to the job you are applying for. Make sure your experience fits the job ad. That’s of course if your skills match 80% of the job requirements.

5 – Attach a covering letter to your application. Don’t waffle, be direct and to the point – explain how you can add value to the job at hand.

6 – Follow up – Give it 48 hours and then follow up a with phone call – not an email. Speak to the recruiter and build a relationship.