Tech-Based Firm Makes Fun of Engineers — Not Cool

InVisage Technologies Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company developing a quantum-dot-based film material to enable more efficient light capture in image sensors. So why would it make a video that derides the communications skills of engineers?

It is a promotional video described as an introduction to the company’s QuantumFilm. The approach is to have someone acting the part of an engineer begin an introduction to the subject and then be talked over by an inset commentator who provides an alternative, dumbed-down version, along with remarks about how the engineer is making it boring.

That alternative introduction is so basic as to be almost worthless, except to give the vague impression that QuantumFilm is a good thing, according to InVisage. For the engineer, or journalist, who is looking for information, that is both frustrating and mildly offensive.

Am I being oversensitive?

Like many around the world, I enjoy the adventures of Drs. Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter on the television show The Big Bang Theory That too dwells on the social inadequacies of various scientists benchmarked against the behavior of the normal Penny.

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— Peter Clarke is a freelance writer for EE Times Europe.