Syntro 0.5.0 Cross-platform C++ Framework for Distributed Sensor Networks

Pansenti has announced the first release of Syntro (version 0.5.0), a cross-platform framework for creating distributed sensor networks. Syntro is an open source C++ library and a set of applications based on Qt 4.7. The source code is released under the GPL license.

Syntro has been developed on the following platforms:

  • Linux Fedora 16
  • Ubuntu >= 10.10
  • Mac OS 10.7
  • Windows 7

Syntro can run on x86 targets as well as ARM based Pandabord, Beagleboard and Beaglebone development boards (Ubuntu only).

Syntro is based on the following “SyntroCore” applications:

  • SyntroExec – Start up and management of Syntro apps.
  • SyntroControl – Message switching and multicast distribution.
  • SyntroStore – Multicast stream capture.
  • SyntroCFS – Cloud file storage.
  • SyntroReplay – Multicast stream generation.
  • SyntroLog – Network-wide logging.

Some demo applications using one or more webcams and the OpenCV library are also available:

  • SyntroCamera – Capture a stream from a video device (such as a webcam) and use that data to publish a Syntro multicast stream
  • SyntroReview – App that can play back a previously captured video stream
  • SyntroVideoFilter – Demonstrates how OpenCV can be used with Syntro to implement a pipeline video filter
  • SyntroView – App that is able to display many simultaneous live video streams in a “security monitor” style display
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