Slideshow: Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Mini-Teardown



Wow; slammed with a One-Star Review, comparing E-Ink to LCD – – -wonder what was so offensive-?   I, too, worked closely with Russ Wilcox and the team in Cambridge in 2002 developing a thinner version laminate for a Motorola product (which unfortunately never shipped).  I love the technology, and can’t say enough good things about it.

Re: Kindle Fire is LCD based – no more E-Ink-?

11/21/2011 9:20:28 PM

Look closer and you’ll find that several new e-Ink Kindles were introduced at the same time as the Fire.  Amazon hasn’t abandoned electrophoretic displays, they’ve simple added an additional product with different features to the product line.

Re: Books and Movies have different requirements

11/21/2011 9:14:59 PM