Rogue Wave Tackles Software Risk Mitigation

Rogue Wave Software is currently showcasing its toolset for deep software risk assessment and mitigation. Of interest to the embedded and Internet of Things focused developer, this software is designed to allow development teams to find security, stability, and compliance issues before they occur.

The firm’s portfolio discovers potential risks across the development lifecycle through all types of artifacts, from source code to running processes to application data.

Static code analysis with Klocwork gives developers feedback on security, reliability, and standards compliance issues as they create code.

According to CEO of Rogue Wave Brian Pierce, open-source scanning through OpenLogic delivers liability protection against OSS compliance risk, conflicts, and obligations — down to a few lines of code.

Visual debugging is performed by TotalView, which offers massively scalable verification tools and reverse debugging that reveal how threads, processes, memory, and I/O are behaving across multiple CPUs.

Data analytics through IMSL Numerical Libraries allows teams to predict actions and behaviors through intensive data mining, modeling, and analysis algorithms, protecting against malicious runtime activities that are impossible to detect through regular software testing.

Telerik says that developers in organizations with increasingly complex and growing datasets in mission-critical environments will benefit from the expanded breadth and depth of these products and will continue to receive the same outstanding levels of service and support across all of them.