programming embedded system in c is an useful course?

Question by lucky mars: programming embedded system in c is an useful course?

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Answer by Itchin Bad
It is a dying art, but still a very lucrative career skill to have.

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Question by james m: programming language connected to embedded system….?
what if i decide to apply for a job that’s connected to embedded system, what programming language should i learn?

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Answer by Colanth
First learn programming itself ( ). Then learn a few assembly languages and embedded C (there are dialects written for embedding). Which one any given job will use depends on the job. (I’ve used 80xx [8085, 8048, etc.], 6502, Pascal, Mark Williams C, Forth [that used to be common in embedded systems, since the code is trivial] – even an interpreted language we designed for the project.) Some embedded projects use a few different languages in the same computer.

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