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Bomgar SDK can be embedded into any Apple iOS or Android app

Bomgar has announced its new Embedded Remote App Support technology to enable remote screen sharing and support for Android and iOS apps. The technology is delivered in an SDK that can be included in any Apple iOS or Android app by the app developer.

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Once Embedded Remote App Support is enabled, users can request remote support directly from an Android or iOS app, eliminating phone support and other perhaps “less efficient” methods of troubleshooting.

NOTE: Full remote viewing and control functionality are restricted on some mobile operating systems, including Apple iOS and various Android platforms.

Its makers say that Embedded Remote App Support helps alleviate this issue by giving developers the ability to allow support professionals to fully access, view, and perform actions remotely within their own apps.

The SDK can enable the following features for support representatives: remotely view the end-user’s screen within your own app; perform custom special actions within your app; view system info specific to your app; transfer files to and from your app’s local file store; and chat with the end-user, including canned messages.

“With more and more mobile devices in the workplace everyday, customers and employees are relying on and asking for help with their apps,” said Troy Harrison, VP of product management, Bomgar. “Our new Embedded Remote App Support technology gives support organizations and vendors the tools they need to fully support their own apps no matter where the end-user is located. They can provide mobile device and app support from the same Bomgar solution they use to access and fix remote desktops, laptops, point-of-sale systems, switches, servers, and routers.”

Embedded Remote App Support for Android and iOS