Origo Makes 3D Printing Child’s Play


CAD/CAM Corner


Wow, Beth, you certainly do know of many different 3D printers — I didn’t realize there were so many available.  I’ve been designing and prototyping with SLAs since 3D-Systems, Inc. came out with the first commercial Stereo Lithography Apparatus in the late 80’s. They’ve continually improved the polymers to improve against fragile parts (anyone ever have an over-excited manager break their first SLA prototype-?) and also improved to finer layer resolution until the day Objet was introduced and took the market lead in 3D prototyping.  Objet is superior in layer resolution (down to half-a-thousandth, .0005”) and superior in strength of the prototype, but costs a bit more per unit-volume compared to the SLAs.  I’ve made literally hundreds and hundreds of designs.  But that’s where my experience stops, at 3D-SLA and Objet.  I had no idea the growing low-end market rising up in this arena; it will definitely put a printer on very desk!  Very exciting to imagine.