Nano-ITX Embedded Motherboard Announced by Emerson Network Power

The launch of the first embedded motherboard has been announced by Emerson Network Power. The motherboard is based on the ultra low-power Intel (News – Alert) Atom processor-based platform. The NITX-300 is a Nano-ITX form factor motherboard. It can fit into most enclosures due to its low-height profile.

The NITX-300 features a Slim Lite SSD connector for use with robust solid state drives. Removable storage is enabled with a MicroSD memory card connector. The NITX-300 has a wide range of temperature option from -20 to +70 degrees Celsius. Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7, and Microsoft Windows Embedded 7 Standard are supported by Emerson Network Power (News – Alert). MeeGo Linux is also supported as a standard on the NITX-300 series embedded motherboard.

Applications which require a low-power, easy-to-use Nano-ITX motherboard will find the NITX-300 series ideal for use. A variety of operating systems can be supported by the NITX-300 series. Medical carts, portable instruments, set-top boxes, digital signage, media players and test devices are some of the applications which can use Emerson (News – Alert) Network Power’s NITX-300 series.

Nano-ITX Embedded Motherboard Announced by Emerson Network Power

Dual displays with LVDS and VGA connectivity are supported by the NITX-300 series. A wide range of built-in connectivity is also featured by the NITX-300. The laptop motherboard features Gigabit Ethernet, PCI (News – Alert) Express and multiple USB and serial interfaces. A SATA interface to enable connection of a physical or solid state disk is also featured by the NITX-300. Wi-Fi/WiMAX (News – Alert) connectivity is enabled with a PCI Express Mini Card slot. Connection to vehicle test systems is enabled with a CAN interface.

The NITX-300 provides cooling capability for reliable operation. It can be used in a wide variety of applications as it is capable of handling a wide range of temperatures. The Intel Atom Processor E6xx series at 0.6 GHz to 1.3 GHz is featured by the NITX-300. It also features Intel Platform Controller Hub EG20T supported by up to 1 GB soldered DDR2 memory.