Modular Graphics on Embedded ARM – ELCE 2012

> Freescale i.MX, Graphics, Linux, Linux 3.0, Video
> Modular Graphics on Embedded ARM – ELCE 2012

Philipp Zabel, kernel developer at Pengutronix, discusses about graphics and video support for Linux on embedded SoCs at Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2012.


pinmux. However, things get complicated when it comes to high end embedded graphics units.Those graphics systems tend to be composed of a multitude of on-SoC functional blocks that can operate on shared graphics buffers and video signals, as well as off-SoC encoder/converter chips that can be mixed and matched with any SoC.The old framebuffer is certainly not enough for today’s hardware any more, while modern frameworks like KMS and DRM have their own hassles on non-PC style graphics systems.The talk outlines issues we found while working on graphics and video support for the MX53 and MX6 CPUs and gives suggestions for possible future improvements.This presentation is aimed at developers interested in the linux graphics stack.

You can also download the slides for this presentation. Pengutronix modular graphics driver (imx-drm) for Freescale i.MX5/6 SoC can be retrieved on their git repository.