Is there a detector which detect bombs and other explosives from a distance say half kilometer?

Question by abc: Is there a detector which detect bombs and other explosives from a distance say half kilometer?
I have just a superficial idea to integrate the moblie with such sensors that could detect the explosives. Whenever an explosive laden bag will be opened, it will spread out certain changes in the nearby enviornment i.e there may be a possibility that some particles of explosive spread in enviornment. Now my sensors shud be such that it detects such particles. Also my idea include to embed certain programs in the mobile memory which will get executed as soon as sensors detect the explosives and alerts the user.

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Answer by hefficide
Too late. Isreal is purportedly using advanced particle sniffers to do this already.

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Question by i-am-sam: Computer Engineering Courses for Embedded Systems?
Hi, I am just finishing my junior year in college and am about to select the courses I will be taking senior year. My major is Computer Engineering and I have decided that when I graduate I want to work with embedded systems. I took a microcontroller (68HC11) programming class this semester and I really liked it. Out professor had us build digital circuits that incorporated the microcontroller, as well as program the microcontroller in assembly. So I want my career to go somewhere along that path. I know that most of the embedded systems nowadays (cell phones, ipods, graphing calculators…) have more powerful processors as well as concepts than the 68hc11. So I wanted to know if there are any specific courses that I should be taking? I have plenty of choices like: Advanced Computer Architecture, Operating Systems Concepts and Design, VLSI Design, Digital Signal Processing, Automatic Control, Controls Engineering, CAD based Digital Design, Computer Algorithms…

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Answer by shakeel
automation control , control engineering seams to b the bst

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