I want to do a small project on embedded system,8051?

Question by viki6765: I want to do a small project on embedded system,8051?
Tell me from basics what all need to do.
I know C programming.8051 processor.
Only i dont know how to do that

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Answer by Peter H
Two parts to this, the kit and the knowledge. You need to read how to do things and you need to practise at the same time, so your shopping list includes an experimental circuit board with the capability of programming the 8051 and a book. You can get a C compiler for the 8051 and program it in C, but a lot of the training websites are for assembly language, and there is a lot to be said for working at this level. You may intend to build your own board from a kit, as at
or buy one ready-made, as at
As for books, you can look on Amazon

Good luck

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