How to write a resume that will make you stand above the crowd

Time to search through the job market again and questions of how to write a resume that will show high paying employers that you are the perfect candidate for the available position are abounding in your head! Fear not!
Here are a few resume building tips that will help your resume find it to the top of your prospective employer’s list.

Stay Relevant to Your Employer

One of the most common mistakes people make when writing a resume is stuffing it with loads of unrelated information. While there are tons of qualities that may impress various employers, not all of them will impress your target employer. What most people don’t know is that there is not a tremendous amount of time that goes into reviewing resumes. When you’re considering how to write a resume, try getting more information on the job for which you are applying.

Have you heard anything about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? It’s the art of including key words in product descriptions and articles on a website that are most relevant to the product offered and the customer who needs it. Writing a resume uses the same principle. Your potential employer needs a few key words that will pop out when your resume is in their hot hand. If your resume includes similar job duties to that which you are applying, they are most likely to be impressed within seconds of holding your resume. That means that yours gets a longer look.

Minimize Your Space

Employers are not trying to read a book. Any more than one page (unless you have a cover letter) is a waste of time and paper. In order for your resume to grab your employer’s attention find it’s way to a ‘possibly hire’ pile, the information has to be condensed. Don’t be afraid to research the job for which you are wondering how to write a resume. The more relevant information you can collect will help you decide what you can omit from your resume.

Big Name, Big Mission

One of the best tips on how to write a resume that will land you your dream job is to ‘display your name and objective in lights.’ Now this takes a bit of creativity. Your objective has to be narrowed down to not be too wordy, but to indicate to your prospective employer that you want this for the long haul. Something like, seeking a full time position in which I can utilize my professional and creative skills to positively contribute to the company mission, as well as advance.

Now…Having your name and that message as 2 of the most prominent ‘eye catchers, ‘ is almost a guarantee that your prospective employer will not only want to see more, but remember your name when they are being flipped through later. You have used a powerful form of subliminal advertising that is commonly used by very profitable industries.

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