How to Root Kimdecent T21 mini PC and other Nufront NS115 Android Devices

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> How to Root Kimdecent T21 mini PC and other Nufront NS115 Android Devices

The guys at have acquired a Kimdecent T21 mini PC based on the dual core Nufront NS115 processor, and posted instructions to root Kimdecent T21 in Spanish before writing a full review which should be posted next week.

I’ll provide the English translation of those instructions below:

  1. Download Moborobo and install it.
  2. Download TPSarky-VonDroid-Root and uncompress it.
  3. Start Moborobo
  4. Connect T21 to the TV and the PC, then insert the power cable to start the device.
  5. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled in your mini PC (Settings –> Developer Options)
  6. In T21, activate the connection to the PC in Settings->USB->Connect to PC
  7. Wait for Moborobo to detect the device
  8. Moborobo should then install some (USB) drivers in the PC, and you may have to skip a few warnings that indicate Moborobo can not connect to the device. But you can ignore those messages.
  9. In the folder where you have previously uncompressed TPSparky, run “TPSparkyRoot.bat”, and follow the instructions provided in the console window.
  10. T21 will be restarted 3 times during this process, and after each reboot, you have to go to Settings->USB->Connect to PC to allow Moroboro to connect to the device.
  11. Once this is finished, you can download and install SuperSU, as well as the latest version of Busybox.

Those instructions may also work for the few other Nufront NS115 Android devices, mainly tablets such as Acho C905t, that are currently available.