Embedded Systems Futuristic Technology as Part of Human Life

Today, communication has become a vital part of human life. There are abundant domestic devices, which we use in our daily life are powered by small microprocessors, which act in response to various keys or input devices. These microprocessors, work on assembly languages, which is a collection of commands, each one of which has a different meaning defined to represent the different bit patterns. These microprocessors are also called as embedded systems.

As the name suggests, embedded systems is a computing devices which are fitted into a non computing device or a house hold machine and are designed to do dedicated tasks with the sphere of control. Embedded systems generally are a single functioned processor, which means they are designed to do a single task repeatedly and bounded by power, reliability, physical dimensions, and processing speed. Embedded system solutions are very reactive to systems environmental changes and are designed to deliver results with synchronized time limits.

Many companies around the globe deals with this new technology. USA, UK, China, and France are some of the few countries, which are the most important producers of embedded technology. Many software development company India have risen to this occasion of brining a fresh perspective to research and development, which is quite essential for the embedded technology industry. With rise of modern technology Indian professionals get a chance to work with professionals across the world; this cooperation has helped embedded systems solutions companies in India to become amongst the most respectable companies across the globe.

Embedded system solutions have numerous application areas:

Home: With today’s world being dominated by electronics, embedded systems has found place in children’s video games. Homemakers also require the embedded technology for Internet and home appliances, such as washing machines, DVDs, music system.

Industrial automation: Today, industries use embedded solutions to carry out specific jobs like keep an eye on the pressure and moisture, control temperature, check voltage fluctuations and current etc. & then take appropriate action based on monitored levels to control other devices. Embedded systems have found usage in various industries like pharmaceutical, electronics, consumer durables, cement, sugar, oil exploration, nuclear energy, electricity generation, and transmission.

Medical technology: Most of hospitals diagnostic equipments like sonography machine, ECG machine, X-ray Machine, Thread mill machine, CT scanners, and EEG machines have an embedded system in it.

Computer networking: Products like routers, hubs, VPN, ISDN   and relay switches have embedded systems which use the necessary data communication protocols.

Telecommunication: Telecommunication gadgets like landline phones, cordless phones, and even mobile phones have a small microprocessor embedded in it.

Instrumentation: Engineering equipments like oscilloscope, function generators, protocol analyzer, radars etc., have embedded systems inbuilt in it.

Security systems: security appliances like spy cameras/video cameras used in stores, offices, and homes also has embedded system built around it.

Finance: ATM machines and smart cards have inbuilt embedded systems solutions in it. The microprocessor in it interacts with the card reader or the ATM machines to dispense out money and deposit cheques.

Thus, the new technology is rapidly becoming a channel for our day to day interaction with various equipments and has a massive impact on technology.