Embedded Systems Conference 1993 Papers Volume 1

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C Programming for the 8051 Family* – Ken Anderson  
Fuzzy Logic for Control Systems* – Walter Banks
Introduction to Fuzzy Logic – David Brubaker
Networking Microcontrollers with Serial Ports – Jim Butler
Fax Technology for Embedded Systems – Michael Chase
User~Interface Design for Embedded Systems/
Principles of User-Interface Design – Larry Constantine
Project Leadership – Larry Constantine
Calculus by the Numbers  Jack Crenshaw
The Programmer’s Toolbox –  Jack Crenshaw
Math for Mathophobes –  Jack Crenshaw
Fundamentals of Class Design –  Michel de Champlain
Managing Large-Scale, High-Performance Projects  Steve Dearden
Optimizing RISC with Software –  Rajiv Deodhar  
Security Issues in Embedded Networking  Mark Eichin
Assigning Task Priorities –  Karen Ellison
Performance by Design –  Karen Ellison
Timing in Ada –  Mike Frankel
Understanding POSIX 4 and 4.a –  Bill Gallmeister
Designing a Technology-Based Business  Jack Ganssle
Programming the i960 Microprocessor  Byron Gillespie
Legal Issues for Developers –  Joel Gilman
Managing Project Teams* –  Peter Gilmour
Improving Software Quality –  Peter Gilmour
Consultants Roundtable* –  Brett Glass
New Microcontrollers Panel* –  Brett Glass
Using On-Chip Emulation in DSP Designs  David Gonzales
Programming Techniques for the 68000 Family  Floyd Goodrich
Control-Oriented DSP Techniques  Pat Heath
Using Templates in C++ –  Siegfried Heintze
C or C+ + for DSP Applications –  Siegfried Heintze
Tips and Tricks for Embedded C++ Development  Scott Herzinger
Introduction to the SPARC Architecture  Jackson Huang
CCITI Speak: Learning the Language of Protocols  Marco Hyman
UNIX Networking-Sockets & Streams  Marco Hyman
Implementing Communications Drivers  Marco Hyman
Software Reuse: Ada vs. C++ –  Jay Johnson
Ada Memory Management –  Jay Johnson
An Ada Design Case Study –  Do-While Jones
Linear Control System Pitfalls –  Do-While Jones

* Paper not available

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