embedded system (8051) interfacing problem.. help me?

Question by : embedded system (8051) interfacing problem.. help me?
i want to interface a embedded system of 8051 to LAN of computer. assuming that embedded system also has LAN port in it.
is it possible? if yes then how?
how we can interface it and requirements.
i need total description like program we write for 8051 etc..
i need total explanation. please help me its very very important for me

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Answer by justme
it is VERY possible (I have done it), but its not an easy task.

you need a pretty fast micro like one from silicon labs. you need a MAC/PHY interface chip, the magnetics, and an ethernet jack, plus some RAM if the micro doesn’t have enough internal.

you will need to write all of your on drivers for the MAC/PHY so you can initialize it and read and write to it. you need a way to assign an IP address, and MAC address, or just hard code them in your device.

you need to decide WHAT you want the device to do, and code all of that. maybe just start with pings or arps.

It is no easy task and will take some time to get working, but it can be done.

Sorry but I cant give you any code or the design as it is all proprietary.

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