Embedded Software Development Using Rational Rhapsody Architect for Software

This demonstration shows how embedded software can be developed using the Rational Rhapsody Architect for Software development environment. The Rational Rhapsody development environment enables developers to visually capture their applications to automate manual coding tasks and communicate their designs. This demonstration shows how existing C++ code can be imported and synchronized with a UML model, including the ability to automatically create diagrams to understand the relationships in the code and to document the design for external reports. The workflow integration with Eclipse is illustrated by using Rational Rhapsody Architect for Software to turn the code into a simple 'ping pong' console game. It illustrates how, using code centric settings, dynamic synchronization with the code can be achieved, enabling the user to make updates in either the model or the code while still preserving the existing layout and structure. This enables developers to more easily adopt modeling on existing code projects or where preservation of code layout is critical to success.