Distributors Dish Up New I/P/E offerings

New product introductions are the name of the game for electronics distributors as they try to keep up with engineers’ demand for the latest solutions and technologies for a growing list of new designs and applications. The interconnect, passive, and electromechanical (I/P/E) space is no exception, so here’s a look at a few new offerings some of the industry’s top distributors are featuring online this fall.


LEMO now offers rugged waterproof USB connectors (IP68 when mated) in an M series shell, designed specifically for harsh environments such as automotive, mining, military, oil/petroleum, marine, or any type of outdoor application requiring rugged and reliable connections. The product line includes lightweight and fast panel-mount sockets, plugs, and protective caps that are easy to secure to USB, resistant to vibration, and easy to use. They’re available at sager.com.

Based on the standard RJ45 pin profile, 3M’s Industrial RJ45 modular plug was developed for rugged, industrial IP 20 environments using double-shielded, four-twisted-pair enhanced category 5 (CAT5e) cabling. The plug incorporates insulation displacement contact (IDC) technology, allowing a reliable and easy termination process without the need to strip the wires. It also can be terminated in the field using only a pair of pliers. It’s compact at 44 mm long. And, its robust design helps reduce the likelihood of the latch breaking during multiple insertion and withdrawl cycles. It’s available at digikey.com.


Dale/Vishay offers complete welded and molded construction for total environmental protection in a aluminum-housed wirewound chassis mount resistor. Features include high stability at conventional power ratings and a flat marking surface for easy identification. In addition, the series has ceramic, steatite, or alumina core (depending on size), as well as copper-nickel, manganese copper, or nickel-chrome alloy element (depending on resistance value) with stainless steel end caps and tinned Copperweld terminals. Operating temperature ranges from  –55°C to 275°C. It’s available at alliedelec.com.

Cornell Dubilier’s BLC series capacitors use the most advanced metalized film technology for long life and high reliability in dc link applications. This series combines the high capacitance and very high ripple current capability needed for today’s inverter designs for medium-power wind, solar energy, electric vehicles, motor drives, fuel cells, UPS systems, and more. 

Available in values of 8 to 55 µF and voltage ratings ranging from 700 to 1100 V dc, the capacitors are packaged in UL94V-0 plastic boxes with four pins for low equivalent series resistance. They’re designed for long life at high ripple current, up to 36 A, with 25-year life under typical operating conditions. They’re available at tonar.com.


Bourns Model EMS22 encoders are non-contacting rotary magnetic encoders with a Hall effect application-specific standard product (ASSP) capable of producing four distinct output waveforms. These include 2-bit quadrature up to 256 pulses per revolution (PPR), step/direction up to 512 PPR, pulse-width modulated (PWM) output with 1024 positions, and absolute with 1024 positions.

These encoders offer enhanced reliability in harsh environmental conditions such as mud, dust, grease, oil, water, and dirt, giving them an edge in performance over traditional optical and contacting encoders. Also, there are no contacting parts between the magnet and the ASSP to degrade their life expectancy, so they can have more than 50 times the life expectancy of traditional contacting encoders. They’re available at Mouser.com.

And, International Rectifier’s AUIR3320S high-side intelligent power switch (IPS) is optimized for automotive auxiliary positive temperature coefficient (PTC) electric heaters. Offering low on-state resistance of 4 mΩ (max) at 25°C, it delivers higher current with a smaller heatsink to reduce system footprint. Also, the 40-V device’s current sensing allows precise monitoring of load current to provide additional data to the microcontroller for diagnostic applications. The AUIR3320S offers over-current and over-temperature protection as well, which results in more reliable operation even during short circuit protection. It’s available at avnet.com.