Compuware Updates Mainframe Workbench

New programmer tools for development and testing in mainframe arenas

Compuware has released an update to its Mainframe Workbench – a modernized developer environment, which introduces a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for managing mainframe application development activities that are currently performed in the character-based TSO/ISPF (green screen) environment.

Compuware justifies the existence of its latest product line by saying that organizations must integrate new cloud and mobile applications with legacy mainframe applications at a record pace – often in a specialized development environment – while ensuring those applications deliver superior quality and performance.

“Mainframe usage continues to increase with the addition of new customer-facing applications – often connected to the web and mobile devices – plus growth in existing workloads. This growth is producing sizable increases in MIPS consumption and in deployed application complexity,” said Tim Grieser, program VP for enterprise system management software at IDC.

Compuware Mainframe Workbench is designed to give developers an option to get quick access to MVS (multiple virtual storage) data and file types that are critical for large enterprise application development and testing. There are also quick debugging capabilities with an enhanced Xpediter debugging capability enabling IT staffers without advanced application knowledge to get into an interactive test session with minimal effort to quickly and confidently move applications into production.

“Mainframe applications power the top retailers, banks, insurance companies, telecommunications, and manufacturing companies worldwide. At the same time, as experienced developers retire, fewer developers are acquiring the mainframe skills needed to maintain these complex applications. This puts enterprises at significant risk for financial losses,” said Kris Manery, SVP & GM, mainframe solutions business unit, Compuware. “It’s never been more important to have the tools and people in place to ensure mainframe applications deliver superior quality and performance.”