C++ is good for Embedded programming or not?

Question by Genious Developer: C++ is good for Embedded programming or not?
C++ is used for System (Embedded Programming) at a large scale although there are other languages as well available for this purpose. Here you are required to give your 5 -7 strong arguments in the favor or against this statement that C++ is good for Embedded programming or not. A concise, coherent and to the point comment is preferred over lengthy comment having irrelevant details. Your comment must not be more than 5-7 lines

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Answer by mmarrero
C++ is ideal because of its freedom to do things in different ways. Telling you is not enough, you should try yourself writing code in assembly, then C, then port it to C++.

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Question by Kichu: How to study AVR Atmega 32 and embedded C programming for the same.?
I know C well. This is the first time I’m going to study a microcontroller. I have worked with microprocessors before (8051). I need to study it quickly for my project. Please help.

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Answer by Mark J
Download AVR Studio from Atmel and the WinAvr compiler and you will be ready to program.

For academic interests only, you can use the simulator in AVR Studio to see if your programs work. For the real world problems, either breadboard a controller or buy one.

You will need a programmer. The Atmel ISP mkII does a very good job for about $ 35. You can build your own programmer for less if money is tight but if something doesn’t work, you won’t know if it is your programmer or your target.

Search for AVR Forums. Definitely check out AVR Freaks.

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