Board Bringup: You, Me, and I2C – ELCE 2012

> Hardware, Linux, Video
> Board Bringup: You, Me, and I2C – ELCE 2012

David Anders, embedded systems developer at Texas Instruments, explains how to work with I2C in Linux based embedded systems at ELCE 2012.


Board Bringup: LCD and Display Interfaces“.


The talk is divided into 3 main parts:

  • Communication Principles – Asynchronous (e.g. RS232) and Synchronous (e.g. I2C) communication
  • Drivers and Software Tools – Bootloaders & Linux kernel  GPIO bit-bang & I2C chardev, and I2C tools (i2cdetect, i2cdump,. i2cget, i2cset)
  • Board Bringup Use Cases:
    • I2C GPIO expanders
    • I2C EEPROMs

You can also download the slides for this presentation.