ARM 64-Bit Bootstrapping with OpenEmbedded – ELCE 2012

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> ARM 64-Bit Bootstrapping with OpenEmbedded – ELCE 2012

Marcin Juszkiewicz, software engineer at Canonical, explains how ARMv8 was bootstrapped with OpenEmbedded with fast model simulation at the Embedded Linux Conference in Barcelona on November 7, 2012.


The time has come – there is ARM 64-bit architecture right behind a corner. In this talk I will present how OpenEmbedded was used to build root filesystem for fast models simmulating not-yet-existing hardware. Presentation is targeted at developers interested in cross compilation, handling new architectures in existing projects.

Agenda of the talk:
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You can download the slides for the presentation. You can also read one of my previous post entitled “Getting Started with 64-bit ARM Development: Hello World and Linux on ARMv8 Fast Models” to have a go.