4 ESP32 Breakout Boards Reviewed

4 ESP32 Breakout Boards Reviewed

The ESP32-DevKitC is the official ESP32
development board made by Espressifs. The board features an ESP-WROOM-32 module
and several other support features such as a USB-UART bridge, USB port, voltage
regulator and reset and boot buttons. All these features make it an all-rounded
standalone board that you can use for your rapid prototyping needs.

There are 38 pins available on this ESP32
breakout board. Five of those pins are power pins and comprise of 3 GND pins, a
5V pin and a 3.3V pin. Through these pins you can power peripheral devices that
you want to use in your setup, such as sensors, actuators and other
microcontroller boards.  

The rest of the pins are GPIO and control
pins. Using those pins, you can access all the peripheral features that the
ESP32 offers, such as 12-bit ADC, 8-bit DAC, touch sensors, SPI, I2C, UART and
CAN among several others. This way you will be able to access the full
potential of the board. Although the ESP32-DevKitC breakout board fits on a
breadboard, it only leaves one row of holes on one side. This limits you to only
use the pins on that side of the board for prototyping.

Programming this board can be done via the
Arduino IDE. Most of the features such as i2C, SPI and analog data sampling
works in the Arduino platform as well as controlling most sensors and displays.
However, to utilize the boards, full potential you should use the Tensilica
toolchain also known as ESP IDF, since the board is intended to be programmed
with it.

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